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DP is an abbreviation of DisplayPort, meaning that digital HD video transmission standards, relative to the DCI and VGA interface is a way to replace and developed, it is understood DP standard can achieve greater transmission bandwidth comparable HDMI standard is more prominent it, now in the market more HDMI standard, has integrated the optical fiber technology named HDMI optical transmission standards to achieve a more efficient and stable technical presentation, in accordance with the direction of development, DP bandwidth Even more advantages, but also through the optical fiber to connect the DP standard, but to see the current market there is no more DP fiber data that is not in the circumstances do not allow the realization of DP fiber docking it, this The problem is still to explore the history of the DP interface.



According to the introductory information on the DP interface, it can be known that the 1.0 version appeared in 2006 and reached version 1.1 in 2008, at that time HDCP support was provided. However, when the HDMI interface standard was adopted in 2002 Has been developed out of the DP standard in the future should be more than the public to get the public taste of HDMI, but at the time HDMI and optical fiber technology butt, such an idea to show that even when the DP interface to appear more HDMI standard is more backward, but because HDMI has not tested the integration of optical fiber technology has led to the DP standard can not be premature discovery and integration of optical fiber, if it is true that this can be said to be a sense of regret .


Take a look at the development of the DP standard at the time, when the DPt test brought new challenges. The VESA organization has created a comprehensive conformance test specification, DPCTS, that requires conformance testing of the physical and link layers of the DP product. Physical layer test includes receiver test, source test and cable test. Link layer testing to sequence, link initialization and maintenance to verify, is also considered an expansion process. DP as a new generation high-speed serial interface, it requires powerful test equipment and detailed testing procedures. In addition, a large number of test validation will also take a lot of engineers time and effort. All of these pose an urgent need for automated test solutions that simplify the test process, improve test efficiency, and provide reliable test results.


From the above historical data, DP standard development is to reduce the cost of the direction of research and development. When it comes to here if the time used to achieve the development of optical fiber, is not on the cost of having a relatively large consumption? This is why DP fiber named a no more accurate argument, but now why HDMI fiber in the market Are all famous, and DP optical fiber, but very few? Want to know more reason is in leinowei official website.


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